Tile of Spain Tile Trends 2021

Cevisama is off this year and is instead to be replaced by the virtual event Cevisama On! on the 25th/26th May. To prepare we’re sharing the Tile of Spain Trend Report for the year to see what styles are set to be big news, and where the past period of uncertaintly has led us in terms of interiors.

Crème Caramel

The classic marble look is rarely out of fashion with its immediate luxury and extensive variety. This year it’s rich browns and soft caramels offering both warmth and opulence. Deep, exaggerated veins blend and bleed between tones creating dramatic designs that span shades of rust and gold.

Full Circle

Moving on from speckled confetti surfaces is a well-rounded trend for circular motifs. Simple spots, ornate rings, textured designs, and disc mosaics all play into the full circle trend. Repetitive patterns not only add delightful decor, but soften the standard square or rectangular shapes of tiles.

Traditions in texture

Vintage motifs are given a modern look through textural effects. Both 3D shapes and textured finishes combine with contemporary colours to refresh traditional looks. Suited to tiles of all types, textures continue to prove popular.

Polished Perfection

The sleek look of high gloss surfaces adds immediate glamour to interior spaces. The polished look of marble or stone is easily replicated with tile with their reflective shine allowing light to bounce from floor to wall. Make a shining impression with surfaces polished to perfection.

Pattern Placement

Mix and match has been big for the last few years, but now a more minimalist, more ordered look is becoming increasingly popular. Offering a simplistic approach that utilises plain colour over varied patterns creates a similar look that is far subtler. To add another touch of sophistication some designs may create abstract shapes in colour against a plain, neutral wall.

Monochrome Mix

Branching out from the Art Deco trend is a move towards black and white patterns and designs. Mixing black and white in marble or motif offers a dramatic look that can be achieved in a range of interior styles.

Ways with Grey

Much like monochrome, the neutrality of grey works with all styles and surfaces. Whether its the rough look of concrete, decorative designs, or plain greyscale shapes, grey is always a fine option for interiors.

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