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It’s the smaller companies that we’re focusing hard on this year, and with plenty of time to scour the web to find them we’ve got more and more to share with you. Today we’re looking at a Los Angeles based company, with a penchant for the handmade.

Zia Tile collects some of the best and most beautiful artisan tiles from around the world to distribute to their North American clients. The ranges span cement, zellige, and cotto, as well as the trendy thin brick, and classic simple field tiles.

Their charming cement tiles offer simplicity with a huge number of stunning shades across the entire colour spectrum available in square, hexagon, and skinny metro format. Deep red, sunny yellows, a whole plethora of greens, and even the hard to find purple tile all have a place here.

As well as a rainbow of plain tiles, Zia Tile’s cement collections also contain a large number of highly decorative and unusual designs. Simple motifs such as Nova Black or Brixton can be found alongside the intricate patterns of Isola or Cordoba, whilst the curved shape of Nouveau Zeppelin stands out among the crowd.

Zia Tile’s Zellige tiles offer all the handmade beauty one would expect, with colour choices ranging from vibrant aqua blues, to earthy olive greens, and from dark purples to dusty pinks. Hexagons, elongated metros, classic 4″ by 4″ squares and smaller 2″ by 2″ squares all feature.

Their cotto collections celebrate a range of burnt orange tones with a variety of unusual shapes. The richness of cotto and the beauty of form come together in this selection of three earth tones and seven formats.

If you’re looking to be inspired by stunning handmade tiles, Zia Tile is a good place to start.

Zia Tile

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