Tania & Guillermo

We’ve covered their customisable cement tiles and their unsual geology-inspired collection, but Sabine Hill have a whole new range of design delights for us to share.

Sabine Hill’s Tania & Guillermo Collection offers a selection of gorgeous patterns from two distinctive designers – Guillermo Gómez Lama and Tania Marmolejo. The designs by each artist have distinct personalities, with Dominican born Guillermo playing with the swirling repetitive shapes of sound vibration and Dominican-Swedish Tania mixing Swedish textile patterns with Caribbean flowers and sea-like motifs.

Each of the eight patterns have three colourways, with Gómez Lama’s Armor Tissue, Asterdisc, Berighestah, and Sol Mío utilising a range of blues, greys, and oranges to emphasise the powerful patterns, and Marmolejo offering tranquility with blues and neutrals with Unión, Wave, and Bloom, and a vibrant dash of red in Jardín.

All pieces are cement, and offered in a 100 by 100mm format. Although each designer has selected their own distinctive colourways, Sabine Hill offer customisation to ensure any of the motifs can be rendered in any preffered tone.

Sabine Hill

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