Industrial Alliance

The collaboration between two giants – Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living – is now a rich seam to mine in the world of tile and surface design. With the partnership first suggested in 2015, the two have since come together to create a wide range of urban and industrial style ceramic coverings, some of which we will be sharing today.

City Lights Amber Colours

Industrial Glass

A mix of textures and tones, Industrial Glass takes hints of exterior glass and mimics the fine lines and dimpled surfaces to create a series of patchwork pieces. The four colours – Grey, Green, White, and Steel – each work alongside the metal-look inserts to create a spectacular feature of industrial chic.

Industrial Glass Grey

Cosmic Marble

Glittering glactic speckles embellish the surface of these marble-look tiles. A selection of six colours – Lune, Mars, Pluton, Saturne, Uranus, and Venus – each offer an unusual take on traditional stone. Thick neutrals swirl across the coloured surfaces creating enticingly unique looks.

Cosmis Marble Mars

City Lights

Playing on shade and light variation created through texture, City Lights offer a surface full of variety. Each tile with its curved square texture not only forms diversity through sparkle and shadow, but also creates patina-like look, with mixed tones and colours found amongst its eight variants.

City Lights Night Colours

Iris Ceramica
Diesel Living

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