Qemamu Mosaics

For almost 20 years Dionne Ible has been honing her craft as a mosaic artist. What began as a simple hobby to creatively punctuate her work as a Legal Secretary is now Qemamu Mosaics, a company of creativity.

Ible’s keen eye for detail and impeccable sense of style is translated throughout her many artworks with colour, tone, shape, and subject all carefully considered.

Essence of Stephanie
United We Stand (2015)

Though based in Bedfordshire it is her African heritage that inspires much of the imagery, telling the story of her culture in fabulously vibrant mosaics. Nature is also a star, with athropomorphised trees, bodies entwined with flora, and highly embellished animals all featuring heavily in the motifs.

Works are available on the Qemamu Mosaics website and via comission. Ible’s insight, knowledge, and skill is shared through workshops specialising in ceramic, stained glass, and one on one sessions.

Qemamu Mosaics

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