Gaga for Gila

With so many gifted mosaic artists about it’s extremely difficult to decide who and what to share whilst maintaining a varied stream of tile-related information and avoiding becoming Diary of a Mosaic Addict. But one artist in particular has piqued our interest recently – Gila Rayberg.

Julia, with Corona Hair

Trawling through Instagram to satisfy our ever-present hunger for ceramic curiosities we came across Gila Mosaics and were immediately hooked by the wildy charismatic portraits and abstracted figures that feature.

Texas Sunshine

Hailing from the US, well-travelled Gila Rayberg has moved about extensively, venturing far across South East Asia and over to Egypt and Israel collecting art, textiles, and tales. Her artwork has been featured in many books and shared across continents in her workshops.

Warrior of the Sea

The wonderful whimsy of her mosaics have led her to receive numerous awards and secure her many, many fans. There are too many incredible pieces to share so we recommend popping over to her Instagram to see more, or heading to her website to see if you can secure one for yourself.

Etude no.13

Gila Mosaics

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