Whilstling Frog

Our last company for the week is another gem from America. Founded in 1986, Whistling Frog is the creation of artist Rick Pruckler.

With previous experience in mural installations and the art of ceramics, Whilstling Frog came about as means to let Pruckler’s creativity run riot. Forming custom glazes and variety of tile making techniques, pieces incorporating elements of nature and stark contrasts began to evolve.

In 2011 Pruckler partnered with sculptor Tonya Lutz who quickly added a raft of new designs, along with a passion for preservation with which she implemented their Saving Lives, Saving Lakes intiative.

Animals and plants inspire the designs of many of the tiles, with 3D decors of cats, frogs, sunflowers, and acorns among the flora and fauna that feature. Destination tiles stylishly commemorate many locations throughout America whilst their unsual Urban Industrial range stand out as uniquely beautiful.

Their glaze palette services both those looking for warm, earthy shades and those drawn to the vibrancy of turquoise and aqua.

Whilstling Frog Tiles

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