Marazzi’s Mix and Match

Although pick-n-mix patchwork tiles have been big in the past few years, when they meet another tiling trend something truly wonderful is created. Blending botanical motifs with an unpredictable mismatched layout produces a surface with the elegance and grace of floral design and modernity and unique vibe achieved from mixing and matching.

Rice Bianco Decoro Leaf

With Marazzi‘s Crogiolo Rice quaint watercolour style details of leaves and flowers dance across the tiles in three styles (a black, a soft blue, and a colourful mural-style). Offering something of the handmade – a signature of the entire Crogiolo range – the focus here is recreating a handpainted look.

Rice Decoro Garden
Rice Bianco Decoro Blossom

Taking inspiration from the โ€œIl Crogioloโ€ booklets, published by Marazzi between 1987 and 1989, in which samples of trials, prototypes, illustrations and technical specifications of 112 projects utilising various applications and decorative techniques are found, the Crogiolo collections typify this research.

Blu Decoro Leaf

Rice comes in three sizes (150 by 150mm, 50 by 150mm, and 75 by 200mm) achieving various distinctive looks. There are forty face variations in four colour options (Bianco, Blue, Grigio, and Natural), all of which are polished off with a glossy finish that emphasises a slightly irregular surface.


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