The Porcupine Creative

With a bit of wood and a lot of love, the Porcupine Creative have produced a portfolio packed with marvellous mosaics. Grained, painted, and angled, this simple style has a special sort of soul.

With each piece crafted in the downtime of the company’s three contributors – Emma, Jason, and Becks – it’s a combination of talents and specialisation that ensures a steady stream of uniquely delightful artworks.

It’s in the Surrey Hills where their craft comes to light. The bright, colourful Native American style pieces are the work of Emma, whose eye for geometry and contrasting shades has produced a stunning selection of artworks.

Mountain ranges of varying altitudes and attitudes come from the busy hands of Becks whose layered and captivating scenes offer a wonderful sense of awe. Small personalised items and photography of each piece, as well as running their social media accounts are also all Becks.

Statement furniture from tables, to wardrobes, to a series of thick wooden lamps are made by Jason. Some items are then finished in eye-catching mosaic designs by Emma. A fantastic team with a range of talents, The Porcupine Creative have something very special going on.

Follow them on Instagram @theporcupinecreative or shop here.

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