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Four Fabulously Tiled Hotels

Staying in a hotel is already a luxury, but a hotel that’s embraced the beauty of tile? That’s in a league of its own. Durable, dependable, and supremely stylish, tiles can make a masterpiece of any interior. To celebrate the hotels that have wisely turned to tile, we’ve collected four of our favourites from across the globe.

1. Casa Hoyos in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

In San Miguel De Allende, Mexico a boutique hotel colour-blocks in warm sunshine shades. Designed by AG Studio, the central corridor of Casa Hoyos is coated in rich yellow tiles that pop against the black tiled floor and peek out from peach lined archways. The same peach tiles cover the interiors of the circular windows whilst terracotta tiles make up the bathroom floors, counters, and terrace.

2. Salut Maroc in Medina of Essaouira, Morocco

There are few places that have taken tiling as far as boutique hotel Salut Maroc. With most rooms topped and tailed in tile, vibrant colours and eyecatching patterns have become the hotel’s trademark. Each bedroom has a different scheme with playful murals and classic zellige used throughout. The result is unforgettably beautiful.

3. The Mondrian Doha in Doha, Qatar

A breathtaking spectacle of black and white captivates and intrigues at the Mondrian Doha. Designed by South West Architecture and with tiles from Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, this Qatari hotel offers striking contrats and elegant mosaic decor throughout.

4. The Student Hotel in Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish installment of the Dutch hotel group chain The Student Hotel – a unique student-only co-living co-working hybrid space – offers the eclectic style the brand is known for with a Mediterranean twist in the materials and colours. Designers Masquespacio made sure to include tiles, with simple black and white squares adding retro funk, and colour-blocking creating bold spaces.

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