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Pretty Plastic Cladding

Heralded as the ‘first 100 per cent recycled cladding material’, these tiles designed by Dutch studios Overtreders W and Bureau SLA are created from PVC construction waste (including windowframes and downspouts). This innovative cladding, called Pretty Plastic, covered its first building early last year.

Though first developed in 2017 for the People’s Pavilion at Dutch Design Week, it wasn’t until last year that they received Class B fire approval, making them a viable exterior cladding option. Now the Sint-Oelbert Gymnasium school at Oosterhout in the Netherlands is the first permanent structure to utilise Pretty Plastic throughout its exterior.

Each of these tile shingles begins life as waste material at building sites. Once collected, the material is shredded and transported to Belgium where recycled plastic specialists Govaplast form them into their diamond shape ready for use.

Each tile is unique, owing to the mix of materials they are made from, with products available in a variety of grey tones. The company is now looking to expand the range with additional colours.

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Pretty Plastic

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