Seven striking tiles from Clay Imports

Brothers Zac and Nick Barreiro founded Austin-based Clay Imports in 2012, primarily focusing on small batch Mexican tiles. Over the years their love of travel and craftsmanship has inspired an expansion of their collections which now incorporate creations from as far as Vietnam and Turkey.

Collaborating with artists, illustrators, ceramists, and graphic and textile designers from around the world to ensure an ever growing portfolio of fresh, individual tiles. To demonstrate and celebrate their versatility we’ve selected 7 tiles for next-level interiors.

1. Millenial Lotería

Based on the traditional Hispanic game of Lotería, this parody takes the visuals into the 21st century with just a touch of wit and whimsy. The full set of 35 is handmade to order and perfect for a colourful quirky space that needs decor in the form of fried eggs, flamingo floaties, and someone doing yoga in very small underpants.

2. Penacho

In orange (Michelada), blue (Midnight), or green (Tortuga), these spikey style tiles offer decor that neither shrinks into obscurity, nor screams for attention. A matt finish and earthy tones allow them to blend with natural interiors, rich colours, neutrals, or add an extra punch to boho chic.

3. Otomi

In grey (Wire), black (Black Suede), yellow (Limstone), or blue (San Miguel), three wildlife motifs mingle in a curious forested limbo. The deer and rabbit patterns offer disney-esque wonderment, with herbs forming an indistinct separator that stretched the space between creatures.

4. Talavera Daisy

These vibrant, sunny flowers are superbly simple but undeniably lovely. Glossy and smooth, they offer light not only in their delightful colours, but in reflection and shine.

5. Palmas

These incredible mermaid-style tiles offer ocean vibes and textural charm. In white (Snow), green (forest), and two shades of blue (Aqua and Turquoise) and two sizes (4″ or 8″), these hexagonal 3D fan tiles are simply showstopping.

6. Glazed Thin Brick

Combining Moroccan glazing with Saltillo tile making, these roughly textured skinny format tiles are all sorts of trendy. In over 20 shades and with a huge number of layout options, these rustic distressed look tiles can turn a space from bleak to chic.

7. Zellige

Inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles, this collection of over 20 spectacular shades offers intense pigmentation and a softly shaped surface. Variations in shade and texture create unique spaces with plenty of personality.

Clay Imports

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