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Five superbly tiled spaces by Rachel Chudley

Today we’ve compiled a little collection of spaces from an interior designer with an eye for tile. Rachel Chudley‘s distinctive designs are mostly a marvellous mish-mash of textures and patterns, complete with quirks, flair, and je ne sais quoi. So let’s celebrate these oddities and delights!

1. Thames Flat

The deep royal tones of aubergine complemented and accented with gold is a pairing found throughout this home, from the cloudy hallways to the light living room, and from the curious kitchen to the beautiful bathroom. A curved motif swirls and decorates in varying sizes across the bathroom, creating a patchwork of pattern on tile whilst the dark purple tones are matched on the walls. Gold taps, fixtures, and railings add glamour and elevate the moody shade to regality.

2. North London Villa

This fully renovated family home is complete with jewel-toned living space, a kitchen/diner awash with fabulous natural elements, and two bathrooms featuring a tremendous bit of tiling. In the smaller WC it’s a simple greyscale cube pattern stretching from floor to mirror offering a blanketed style that doesn’t go overboard. In the larger bathroom a stunning spacey mural decorates the tub area, whilst a subtley starred floor adds to the mysterious vibe.

3. Historic Bloomsbury House

This Grade 2* listed property in Central London is home to many fantastically unique interior elements, from curved en suites to a wildly woody kitchen, but it’s the kitchen’s old-school burner which tickles the Tile Addict’s eye. Set back and understated, these deep blue tiles are paired and patched with some Art Deco delights that both blend and stand out from the jungle style wallpaper.

4. Hampstead Villa

Blue, curves, and captivating wallpaper make up this fabulous home. The dining room’s fireplace is simply striking with baby blue textured triangle tiles. With triangle elements featuring throughout the room, this incredible feature ties them together with effortless grace. The shower is similarly fashioned, with a delightful shade of blue joyfully brightening the bathroom.

5. De Beauvoir Vicarage

Despite the bold pink and black styling featuring throughout, it’s its bathroom we find the tiles. The same black and white stars used in the North London Villa top and tail the space creating an all immersive room that wraps you in the night’s sky.

Rachel Chudley

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