Sager Bird

The Forager Mosaicist

A long-term mosaic art installation, mapscapes, and rockworks are just three of Sager Mosaics‘ gifts to the creative world. Located in Whitsett, Pennsylvania the studio of The Forager Mosaicist, otherwise known as Rachel Sager, acts as both a respite for travellers on the trail and a place to create immeasurable beauty.

Amongst these creations is the impressive Ruins Project. Born amidst the ruins of a former coal mine in Fayette County, The Ruins Project honours Sager’s familial coal mining heritage as well as telling the story of American coal through mosaics.

The outdoor museum features mosaics made from found and cut natural stone. Combining multiple forms of media within each artwork, the result is an unsual space where mosaic delights can be found all over.

Sager Mosaics

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