Studio Mixtura

Founded in 2015 by Daria Biryukova, Studio Mixtura works with industries and organizations to create and design functional and benficial solutions to waste produced in manufacturing.

With deep research into materials and processes for recycling, Biryukova is working to minimise pollution and maximise the life of items created, used, and wasted during production.

Luckily for us, many of these recycled materials have found a new life in ceramics. Working with Mineralz B.V. Studio Mixtura produced FORZ®Glaze, a glaze that utilises 60% waste materials and can be edited and adaptedc to suit the colour and finish requirements of consumers. The glaze has also been used to give a new lease of life to old, plain tableware.

A new partnership with StoneCycling has led to the creation of WasteBasedGlaze, a selection of surfaces for use on WasteBasedBricks® and WasteBasedSlips®. Made for use on both interior applications and exterior cladding, these variously-coloured glazes are hoped to inspire a shift in opinion on the aesthetic value of repurposed waste.

Studio Mixtura

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