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Marazzi’s Ho.Re.Ca II

Continuing on from Monday’s look at Alessandro Pasinelli Studio‘s Ho.Re.Ca design schemes (all with tiles from Marazzi), today we have the wine bar, café littéraire, and the pâtisserie!

Wine Bar

Designed for conversation and the free-flow of alcohol, wine bars are about taste and memories. These two scheme view the wine bar as alibrary, where people come to learn and explore.

Wine Bar A

A royal green marble implies elegance whilst the utilitarian grey concrete floor offers modesty. The metal-effect back wall adds another dynamic element, with the resulting space being both contemporary and traditional.

Wine Bar B

A bold floral pattern distracts the ey from the back whilst natural wood-looks and warm colours create a cosy vibe.

Floor: M9EX Mystone Ceppo di Gré Greige Rett. 120×120 6 mm
Wall: M9D0 Grande Marble Look Verde Aver Lux Rett, 120×278
M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 12 mm
M9D6 Grande Metal Look Corten 160×320 6 mm
For the counter top: M90L Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro Rett. 120×120

Floor: M9DP Oltre Caramel Rett. 22,5×180
Wall: M9P5 Mystone Travertino Classico Pannello Botanico 120×120
M99Q Mystone Travertino Classico Rett. 90×180
M9HP Mystone Travertino Classico Struttura 3D Rett. 60×120
For the counter top: M11U Grande Solid Color Look Black Satin 162×324 12 mm

Café Littéraire

These intimate spaces are designed to invite and embrace. Perfect places to be alone and relax, or catch up with friends.

Café Littéraire A

Textures and tones are emphasised in this design with olive green, limestone-looks, and marble all adding subtle variation.

Café Littéraire B

An entirely different vibe is created with exciting geometric shapes decorating the floor. The rest is kept simple with neutral walls and shelving. A touch of warmth is added with the stepped seating in a rich metallic effect.

Floor: M9HC Mystone Limestone Sand 120×120 cm
Wall: M9HE Mystone Limestone Ivory 60×120 cm
Tables: M7GF Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia Lux 160×320 cm
Kitchen top: M6RS Crogiolo Lume Musk 6×24 cm
M9A7 Grande Wood Look Rovere Francese Satin 162×324 cm

Floor: M8RK Crogiolo Scenario Nero Decoro Mix 20×20 cm
Wall: M967 Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 7,5×20 cm
M96J Crogiolo Rice Natural Struttura Pleat 3D Lux 7,5×20 cm
Tables: M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 cm
Kitchen top: M6YS Grande Stone Look Granito Black Satin 160×320 cm
M68Z Grande Stone Look Granito Black Satin 162×324 cm


A delightful place to treat yourself and your loved ones, pâtisseries are where delicious memories are made.

Pâtisserie A

Simple, light, and airy, this design offers a little intrigue with mix and matched grey and white tiles in varied formats. The rest of the space is plain with a wood-look for and stone-look worktop.

Pâtisserie B

Brighter and more playful, a bubblegum feel colour scheme makes excellent use of large format cream slabs, paired with a patchwork leaf motif and a bold blue feature wall.

Floor: M9DN Oltre Sand 22,5×180 cm
Wall: M961 Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 15×15 cm
M963 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm
M962 Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 15×15 cm
M96N Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 5×15 cm
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 5×15 cm
M96P Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 5×15 cm
Kitchen top: M9D1 Grande Marble Look Onyx White Lux 120×278 cm
M9UE Grande Resin Look Rosa Silky 120×278 cm

Floor: M9DM Oltre Natural 22,5×180 cm
Wall: M963 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm
M964 Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 15×15 cm
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 5×15 cm
M9HT Mystone Ardesia Bianco 120×120 cm
Kitchen top: M96V Crogiolo Rice Grigio Decoro Leaf Lux 5×15 cm
M9HT Mystone Ardesia Bianco 120×120 cm

Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

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