Terracotta Star and Cross Tiles

Trend inspo: Terracotta

Who doesn’t love the warming tones of terracotta? Offerring a Mediterranean vibe, rustic chic space, or working with a nature-inspired interior, terracotta is an all-round winner. Get inspired by these rooms and the tiles to make them.

1) Thin Brick

Gorgeous reclaimed terracotta thin brick tiles from Southern Europe create a rustic bathroom with oodles of charm. Get the look with Reclaimed Rectangle Terracotta from Bert & May, Reclaimed Terracotta Fino Rojo from Maitland & Poate, or Bejmat Terracotta from Otto Tiles & Design.

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2) Archway Heaven

Bring burnt orange to the bedroom with a wonderful arch. Get the look with Toltec + Fired Earth from Zia Tile, Nerja-Marengo rust red and slate shades from Todobarro, or Labirinto Acanti in Cotto Rosato from ClΓ© Tile.

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3) Patterns

Play around with the curves and crosses of an arabesque pattern. Get the look with Arabesque Tiles from Arto Brick, Estrella from Jatana Interiors, or Stars & Cross + Red Clay from Zia Tile.

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4) A Simple Square

Softened shades of terracotta add some classic Mediterranean charm to this shower. Get the look with Square + Fired Earth from Zia Tile, Oatmeal Terracotta from Jatana Interiors, or Flamed Straw from Todobarro.

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5) Textured Hex

Chilled rustic vibes are created with white zellige and a terracotta hex floor. Get the look with Reclaimed Hexagonal Terracotta from Bert & May, Antique Terracotta Provincial Red from ClΓ© Tile, or EZMSTHEX from Tiles of Ezra.


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