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Emily Hatton Design

Another of our Surface Design Show discoveries is surface designer Emily Hatton. Based in Bournemouth, Hatton creates from the waste up, experimentally casting both household and industrial waste to assess aesthetic value and product potential.

Her Abstract Waste project saw how grass cuttings, egg-shell, sawdust and wood shavings affected eco resin, with each producing a texturally varied result and unique surface pattern.

As well as producing 3D resin bricks, Hatton’s Déco Tiles utilise lazer-cutting to create curious patterns in various materials including birch ply, recycled acrylic and eco-resin.

These unusual decorative panels each demonstrate an intriguing personality and design potential that has been embraced and explored in furniture and lighting.

Emily Hatton Design

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2022.

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