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Jeschkelanger’s Neoterrazzo

German art duo Anja Langer and Marie Jeschke (otherwise known as Jeschkelanger) will ignite your fire for surface design.

Using domestic glass (from windows, doors, and tables) to produce their melting moments Contact Zones – described as “a meeting point between the two artists on glass, the melting moment between Jeschkelanger’s practice with glass and architecture, and the project empty_glass – an encounter with chef Hayk Seirig and invited guests.”

In 2019 these Contact Zones spread into new territory when they founded Jeschkelanger GbR to back their invented material Basis Rho – a combination of glass (leftover from German manufacturing) and concrete – that can be used to form walls, floors, and furniture.

Chips and coloured glass fragments form a speckled terrazzo-style surface, with concrete in varying shades enriching the design scope of the material. Each surface is conceptualised like a painting, with Jeschkelanger composing angles, colours, and glass stone size to produce incredible, unique pieces.

The final designs make skiled use of the deeply layered shards of glass which capture light and contrast against the matt textures of concrete creating an unusual dichotomy that is both ethereal and grounding.

Basis Rho

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