Seven spotty tiles to fulfill your polka dot dreams

Spotty tiles are suprisingly rare if you take terrazzo out of the equation, but whenever we see some they give us a lovely burst of joy. If you love spots and have been looking for some dotty tiles, this is the place for you.

1) Confetti

These adorable tiles designed by Oh Joy! for ClΓ© Tile offer playfully dancing pastels in a classic polka dot print. Baby blue, soft lemon, and peachy pink all convene on the cement surface for a delightful decor to suit any sweet space.

2) Tiffany Dots

These eye-catching tiles from Otto Tiles & Design blend a beautiful bright turquoise with striking spots contrasting white against black. Stripes and spots mix together to create fabulous tiles that wil make a feature out of any space.

3) Bauble Tiles

Dots get three-dimensional with these bubbly bauble tiles from Veelvlak. Randomly scattered against the surface of each tiles, thes textured bumps add an unusual touch of decor or interior design.

4) Dotty Chalk

For something a little more simple try these black and white spotted hexagonal tiles from Clay Imports. If you like the pattern but want to customise the colours, Clay Imports offer that as an option too!

5) Polka Dot

For a scaled-up spotted experience, Popham Design‘s Polka Dot offers bold, separated spots in whatever colours you choose. Each spot sits on its own individual tile with options for square or hexagonal shapes depending on your taste.

6) Mareld

For something that’s still spotty but also a little different, there is this collection designed by Marie-Louise Hellgrem for Marrakech Design. Fanning out into the corners of the tile are delicately placed dots that offer up-close detail and a stunning motif at a distance.

7) Multicoloured Peas

Delightful dots in every colour decorate the surface of these grey cement tiles from Petit Pan. But if that’s not your thing, they also have a whole host of different shades from baby pink to olive green with simple white dots.

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