Kristine Morich Yellow Signal Tile

Cyberspace Curiosities V

May’s Cyberspace Curiosities incoming!

1) Spoons

Vibrantly coloured teardrops mix and match in these lively tiles from Canadian company Geon Tiles. Each piece is handcrafted with six colours (Warm White, Seafoam, Zeden Green, Rust, Harbour, and Riedel Blue) offering a blend of energy and calm.

2) Key West Hemmingway

Inspired by the bathroom tiles in Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West, Florida, these recreation pieces from Villa Lagoon Tile ensure the iconic design lives on.

3) Dandy Star

These colourful handmade encuastic tiles from Milagros offer various colours to mix and match for a cheerful harlequin look. Pink, grey, aqua, yellow, blue, and green play together in triangles of varying shades.

4) Signal Tile

These three dimensional relief pattern tiles made by Kristine Morich in collaboration with Clayhaus Modern Tile have been designed to create endless flow and countless combinations. Six patterns in over 100 colours offer varying vibes with looks only limited by imagination.

5) Hex Jellyfish

These funky abstract hex tiles from Popham Design give an unusual, understated jellyfish style design.

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