Five companies to keep an eye on III

Seeing as we have so many smaller companies that deserve a mention, we’ve decided to make this a regular monthly slot, at least until we run out of names! So with that said, here are five for March!

Claybrook Studio Raku glazed tiles
Raku Tokyo (65x300mm)

1. Everett & Blue

Specialising in traditional Portuguese tiles, Everett & Blue brings the best of hand-painted, artisanal designs to their collections. Inspired by the façades in Portguese cities such as Lisbon and Porto, Everett & Blue offer historical style tiles that are perfect for modern homes.

2. Kismet Tile

Founded by Tracey Reinberg, LA based Kismet Tile is a tile-obsessive’s dream. With beautifully intricate cuerda-seca ceramic tiles, colourful geometric cement tiles, textured, industrial cast concrete, and a huge host of joyful pool tiles, each piece from Kismet Tile is a design delight.

3. Granby Workshop

Liverpool based Granby Workshop was initially formed by Assemble in an attempt to rebuild the almost derelict neighbourhood of Granby. A team of creatives produced a range of products from tiles to fireplaces to be used in renovated homes in the local area. Since then, the company has grown to develop various colourful and eccentric tile ranges and tableware including the abstract collections of Cyanotile and Blob Tiles, as well as the inspiringly beautiful BBQ smoked collection.

4. MacMillan Amies Studio

The “William More or Less” concept from MacMillan Amies Studio takes mosaic to another level, allowing each individual tile to be an artwork in and of itself. Focusing primarily on leaf motifs, with a little fauna thrown in, various colourways offer a variety of attitudes and atmospheres.

5. Claybrook Studio

With beginnings in 2017, Claybrook Studio is fairly new on the scene. Formed by a group of diverse individuals, each with a passion for “well-crafted material with an emphasis on design and quality”, as well as each harbouring a love for clay. Their specifically chosen ranges have filtered out all that is common so that their collections instead can focus on pattern, colour, and innovation.

Cabana Sunrise from Claybrook

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