Rainbow Tile Combo

Places where you can shop the rainbow

This week we’re sharing five tile companies that can make your dreams of a rainbow home a reality. With tiles in every colour of the spectrum you can mix and match as you please.

1) Mosaic Factory

Mosaic Factory’s selection of hand crafted zellige offers up 88 distinct colours including deep red, powder blue, olive green, peachy orange, and even multiple shades of purple.

2) Durat

Finnish terrazzo company Durat creates 100% recyclable surfaces with 30% recycled materials in a large number of playful colours from the RAL chart. A smaller selection of shades is also available in their Durat Palace range which utilises flecks of natural mineral pigments.

3) Fireclay Tile

California based Fireclay Tile has been making incredible tiles for decades. Throughout that time they’ve amassed a collection of over 100 glaze colours that span the delightful softness of pastels, vivid greens, yellows, and reds, and rich earthy shades inspired by the desert. All colours are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes from classic metro to squares, from hexagons to triangles, and from pickets to mosaics.

4) Jatana Interiors

The reproduction cement tiles of Australia based Jatana Interiors come in a wonderful selection of rainbow shades. The soft cement textures add wonderful charm whilst the vibrant pigments speak for themselves.

5) Zia Tile

Over 30 fabulous shades make up Zia Tile’s colourful cement tile collection and more than 20 can be found amongst their zellige. From aquamarine to deep purple, and from delicate pinks to mustard, all colours with all attitudes can be found.

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