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Splats and Shapes of CR Studio4

California-based CR Studio4 have been making tiles for 25 years. What started in a garage has since blossomed into a 5,500 sq ft factory that produces fabulous hand-made tile creations, some of which we’re sharing today.

Rather than attempt to cover all of the tiles they have on offer, we’re focusing on their mosaic-style offering. Rather than classic sheeted squares, hexagons, or penny mosaics, CR Studio4 play around with more unusual shapes.

Colourful splats make up their Jacks tiles which pair with matching bubbles that weave in between the curves of the bendy shapes. Their Flowers and Beaks tiles create a decorative meadow with a number of floral shapes. Individual petals, full flowers, and spindly stigmas mix and match together in a delightful patchwork.

Their Almonds mosaic takes a simple pointed oval and offers it centre stage with a variety of textures and colours, as well as some with a fun stuffed olive effect. Other unusual shapes, as well as more traditional pieces, can be found amongst their collections – we recommend you have a look!

CR Studio4

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