White Square Tiled Shower Cubicle

The Mathsbook Matchbox of Madrid

A special mention in this year’s Tile of Spain Awards was given to ‘JM55’ by BURR Studio, a mathsbook style matchbox bathroom in the centre of this Madrid apartment. Despite totally a mere 40m2, the space comprises 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a livingroom, and the unusual bathroom.

Aiming to minimise required space, BURR Studio reduced unnecessary divisions and maximised multifunctionalism between rooms through the use of curtains and versatile surfaces. The boxy bathroom functions not just as a shower, sink, and toilet, but as a kitchen wall, dramatic feature, and divider between living areas.

Creating a bathroom that serves as the apartments core allows it to be separated from the rest of the ‘rooms’ and for easy flow between them. The plain white square tiles stretch beyond the box of the bathroom, forming an easy to clean kitchen floor, utility space, and versatile storage, as well as making a great show of just how interesting a simple tile can be.

BURR Studio
Tile of Spain

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