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Tile of Spain 2022 Tile Trends

Tile of Spain have just released their 2022 trend report, offering up 6 trends alongside the wider move towards anti-bacterial, hygene focused design. Here’s what to look out for.

1. Keen on Green

Green is still big news, especially in the tile world. It started with sage, spread through olive and moss, but now emerald is making itself known as the must-have tile shade. Embrace the calming aura of nature with the freshness of green because this trend isn’t going anywhere.

2. HEX-static

One of the funkier standard tile shapes, hexagons have curried favour with homeowners and designers alike thanks to their versatility and ability to add instant character. Whether they’re patterned cement, marble-effect, bold colours, or neutral, hex tiles are a great pick for a custom look.

3. Glam Metal

It’s a growing love for industrial interiors that have given metal-effect tiles the boost from obscure to trendy. Appearing both high-end and rustic, metal-effects have many faces and even more applications. Go moody with a dark sheen, decorative with glistening accents, or enjoy the many faces of copper from warm brushed earth-tones to its vibrant turquoise patina.

4. Pleasing Placements

Small formats that can bend and adjust to curved or unusual spaces have become a must-have. Mosaics the shape of matchsticks or pennies are perfect for this, offering something a little unexpected that can be placed anywhere.

5. Macro-Tastic

A love for repetitive geometric motifs and decors are creating perfect pattern for the floor. Transform large open interior spaces, or highlight an island unit with a playful touch of tile.

6. Warm it up

With a trending desire to blend as much of the outside with the inside as possible, warm earthy tones are becoming a must-have. Replacing the standard grey with off white, warm beige, and rich terracotta, these shades are encouraging everyone to design their interiors in the most inviting way possible.

Tile of Spain

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