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The Tiles at Trixie Motel

For those unaware drag legend Trixie Mattel has been revamping a Palm Springs motel and next month it will OPEN. Under the fabulous guidance of designer Dani Dazey, the Trixie Motel has refreshed seven bedrooms, the reception lounge, bar, and pool area to create an incredible experience like no other.

Themed rooms that go the extra mile with every detail find the sweet spot between over-the-top garish maximalism and chic considered design. Hand-painted murals, custom headboards, lively colour palettes, and some truly phenomenal tiles party together in this motel of dreams.

Pink Flamingo Suite

The first bedroom was dubbed the Pink Flamingo Suite with its theme inspired by two decorative flamingo lamps gifted to the motel from reality superstar Lisa Vanderpump. Pink and green cover the space from floor to ceiling, including specially made stained-glass, matching flamingo-print wallpaper and bedding, and pink velvet upholstery.

  • Fireclay Tile‘s Sensu pattern in a custom colourway decorates the kitchenette’s backsplash, with excess tiles used to create chic matching bedside tables, a side table, and a coffee table.
  • A stunning pink-speckled terrazzo worktop from Concrete Collaborative forms the bar.
  • The original 50s pink tiles were kept in the bathroom, revamped with some reglazing and chunky green bathtub.

Queen of Hearts

This bedroom is a retro love affair full of groovy colours, a lip-shaped love seat, and a heart-shaped bed.

  • The original pink shower tiles remain, but this time a coloured enamel turned them a punchy hot-pink.
  • A fauxrazzo flooring faux pas using concrete paint, plastic flecks, and an epoxy top coat led to bubbling and peeling (but has since been corrected).

Yeehaw Cowgirl Suite

Colourful cow-print and femme country style makes the Yeehaw Cowgirl Suite a western room with a difference. Pinks, blues, and desert motifs blend old-world charm with modern vitality for a space to delight the senses.

  • The kitchenette backsplash is a custom colourway of Fireclay Tile’s Old Cairo pattern.
  • Terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative makes up the bar and worktops in a gorgeous soft pink.
  • The original 50s bathroom tiles are reglazed in baby pink with a baby blue tub to match.

Atomic Bombshell

The Atomic Bombshell room takes you on a funky journey through space and time. Bold blues and a pastel rainbow of colours sends you across the galaxy with a hand-painted mural, a custom wallpaper and fabric, a circular bed, and a UFO lighting scultpure.

  • Get beamed up in the original baby pink tiled shower.
  • Concrete Collaborative’s terrazzo features as the bathrooms vanity, with a delightful aqua sink sitting atop it.
  • A more successful fauxrazzo attempt in deep space-age blue.

Flower Power Suite

Head to 70s Palm Springs with flower-bursts and clashing colours in the Flower Power Suite. Funky wallpaper, a striped ceiling, green and white checkerboard floor, flower-mural, and curved furniture come together in retro harmony.

  • Worktops, bar, and bathroom vanity are all terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative.
  • The two tiles used in the kitchenette backsplash were designed by Dani Dazey and created by Haustile.

Malibu Barbara

With pastel rainbows, rattan, and a sea-blue floor, Malibu Barbara is Tropical Barbie’s dream room. A coloured ceiling, painted powder blue bricks, and a palm fringe overhanging the bed offer beachy vibes packed with personality.

  • The bathroom vanity features terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative.
  • The original tiled shower is reglazed in hot pink to match the theme and contrast against the baby blue walls.

Oh Honeymoon

A rich many-toned mustard honeymoon suit, Oh Honeymoon is a hive-style hug. Orange, dandelion, and daffodil shades create a space full of warmth with a custom hex wallpaper, fabric feature wall, and zig-zag floor.

  • HexArt tiles in Orange, Yellow, and Rose from Tilebar feature in the bathroom.

Reception, Lobby, Bar, and Pool

The communal areas of the motel have all been given the same joyful facelift from Dani Dazey with plenty of pink and pattern.

  • A pink and white stripe decorates the pool, matching towels, umbrellas, and the surrounding loungers.
  • A custom heart and flower pattern tile from Haustile covers the reception floor and bar area of the lobby.

Which room is your favourite?

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