Fishing waste turned Net Positive

Three years ago we shared the story of Coldharbour Tiles, a company founded by Emily Packer and Jake Calhoun reducing plastic waste one tile at a time. Now, coming January 2023, they have something new.

What started as melted shampoo bottles and bottle caps in a home kitchen is now a flourishing business, and after years of R&D, that business is now a home for a new type of plastic waste – discarded and broken fishing nets.

Their new collection Net Positive offers up 5 seaside shades (Point Nemo, Parrotfish Sand, Seaweed, Striped Marlin, and Vescovo) with each handmade tile being entirely unique. Not only do the tiles look good, but every square metre of tile upcycles 4.5 kilos of HDPE fishing nets.

They have a Class A fire rating and are low VOC emitting so can be used in both commercial and residential spaces. Samples are available now for anyone interested in using them in an upcoming project.

Coldharbour Tiles

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