Spotted: The greens of 2023

Spotting greens amongst our bounty of Instagram-sourced interiors is not hard – the colour has been trending for years and works well almost anywhere in a home. But in the spirit of our Colour of the Year January take-over, here are some spaces that feature the greens selected by Dulux, Krylon, and Glidden, and the tiles that made them.

Pattern Patchwork

The light, faintly lemony Wild Wonder from Dulux can be found scattered amonst the earthy tones of these Deep Carpet tiles from Ermes Aurelia.

Comforting Contrast

Krylon‘s deep forest, intense green Spanish Moss packs a natural punch that is matched perfectly by Fireclay Tile‘s Evergreen. Mix the inky shade with warm wood and delicate pink for an unforgattable space.


The gorgeous blue-green Vining Ivy from Glidden blends the organic air of green with the comforting hues of blue. Perfectly matching this colour is Eclipse from Smink Studio, a stunning screen-printed selection of greeny blue shades.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, January 2023.

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