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Futuristic, forward-thinking, and fountains of fun, Dutch architectural design company Studio RAP is leading the technological revolution. And they’re doing it in undeniable style.

Mixing architects, designers, roboticists, programmers, and researchers, Studio RAP’s team is working to elevate and evolve the building process from design to development by creating innovative technologies, robots, and systems that push boundries.

Luckily for us, many of their projects and processes involve awesome tile design full of texture and intrigue. A recent project for an Amsterdam-based boutique saw the creation of almost 2,250 digitally printed ceramic tiles that wave and wiggle like rippling skin, detailed with knit-effect relief.

Taking inspiration from, and reimagining the historical ceramics of Amsterdam, RAP maintains the traditional silhouette and innate character of the building. The colour choices mimic and honour the neighbouring facades with the decors falling in line seamless against the brick.

Showcasing the skills of their robots, New Delft Blue demonstrates the iconic decor of Delft, reimagined with texture and reworked with 3D clay printing and computational design. An impressive archway that welcomes the occupants of residential building in Delft will be spectacularly decorated in 2850 3D printed tiles.

With enticing elements around every corner of Studio RAP, there’s no shortage of inspiration to be had.

Studio RAP

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