You’ve Got Wallpaper

Despite a smaller number than expected of large format specialists at Cevisama, there was still plenty of wallpaper-effect tile action going on. Some kept it dainty, and some went big and bold, but all of them made a big impact wherever they were displayed.

One of the most wonderfully three dimensional wallpaper-effect designs came from APE with their Deco Set (3) Hoss. Bold tropical leaves decorate the surface as high gloss glazes and glittery details create a tactile treat whilst giving life to the plants depicted.

Ceracasa went big on the wallpaper-effect tiles with numerous displays featuring boldly patterned large format tiles. Their Couture Deco Ethnic designs feature a block-printed fabric effect in many muted colours. The world’s love of tropical plants continues on their Couture Deco bio 3 tiles which display stunning Bromeliad-esque pink flowers and bamboo leaves over a subtle geometric background.

White lilies and banana leaves create a delightful scene on Ceracasa‘s Couture Art Craft 1 tiles with a delicate palette of greens punctuated with whites, greys, and orange.

Mainzu‘s Murales Garden is a smaller format iteration of the wallpaper effect trend but still goes big on colour and style with vibrant pink flowers bursting through across numerous tiles. Conversely Seranit‘s Style Pastel Amazon Blue Decor Tile limit colour to simple neutrals and shades of blue with a hand-painted-look floral motif.

Mariner also went big on the wallpaper effects, but I have chosen just one to demonstrate the playful elements in their designs. Within Mozart’s earthy autumnal scene of stylised vegetation there are spots and curves glistening in the light, adding wonderful texture an fine touches of detail.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2023.

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