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The next trend is potentially the most adorable – Baby Metros. A simple size down from their classic counterpart, these mini metro tiles were everywhere at Cevisama, gracing walls in a number of colours and textures, but all with a certain sweetness that only tiny tiles can bring.

Before I was aware of just how many baby metros I’d see throughout the show, I’d snapped some pictures of Codicer95‘s Altea range, predominantly for the striking green Pistacho and intense Red (which is why I’ve not done a great job of showing their mini metroness). But what you can see are their imperfect surfaces featuring concave pockets and irregular ripples. The rest of the collection is made up of many blues (Mint, Teal, Navy Blue, and Cobalt) as well as a bold Orange and sophisticated Green.

Once I’d torn myself away from the stunningly intergalactic Sideral, I was able to focus on Da Vinci‘s baby metro tiles. Their massive 50 by 150mm range Gamma is made up of seven plain colours (Geyser, Dust, Meteor, Lake, Fire, Canyon, and Forest – both in a matt and gloss finish), five coloured marble-effect decors, and numerous abstract tropical patchwork decors for mixing and matching.

The glossy handmade look Paraty tiles from Cobsa/Alttoglass offer up Baby Metro style in eight fabulous colours including greys, blues, coral, and green. Their irregular edges and subtle shade variation create a gorgeous organic look for a personalised space.

At 47 by 140m, the Mambo collection from APE is a slightly different size from all of the other baby metros but still delivers on cuteness and charm. Striking shades of Orange and Coral add fun to the range which otherwise consists of greys, beige, and two shades of blue (Light Blue and Marine).

One of the standout companies of Cevisama was Tonalite which, amongst many other wonderful qualities, also delivered on the Baby Metro front. Their 50 by 150mm Wabisabi and Shibusa collections presented a wide range of delightful, unusual colours in a textured, handmade look (Wabisabi) and a smoother matt finish (Shibusa).

Despite failing to get any useful information about these tiles from the Cebimar stand, it would be a crime not to include them amongst the many other wonderful baby metro tiles from the show. Stunning colours, irregular edges, and fabulous finishes make these some of the most gorgeous baby metros around.

Our final Baby Metro collection comes from Mayolica, with their 50 by 150mm Calpe range. Despite their handmade appearance, these tiles are made from porcelain and are suitable for use both on the wall and on floors so you can enjoy the delights of mini metro tiles everywhere.

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