Trends Spotted at Cevisama ’23

We’re back from Cevisama and are ready to bring you a fresh wave of trends, favourites, and curiosities. First up we’ve got a little rundown of the main trends spotted by Tile Addict, each of which will get their own spotlight in the coming days. Throughout the next few weeks we’ll also share a few mini-trends, our stand-out companies, and a whole raft of incredible tiles it’s important not to miss. So let’s get cracking.

1) Toon Town Terrazzo

We spotted a lot of playful takes on old faithful terrazzo, mixing it up with colour, curves, and cartoonish charm. The jury is still out on whether it should be called terrazzo or instead named something more whimsical (confetti), or more delicious (stracciatella), but the concept remains the same, randomised specks to contrast and delight. Read full article here.

Next Mix from Codicer95

2) Intergalactica

It may not be a word but it’s definitely a style. It was hard to ignore the countless otherworldly colours, swirls, and shapes taking form on tiles that mimic onyx, water-marbling, or something else entirely, and it made for a fabulously inter-dimensional show. Read full article here.

Hypnos from Bien

3) Sea Moss

The biggest, most noticeable, colour trend of all was a bluey-green that nobody can agree on the name of. I’ve settled on Sea Moss but feel free to call it Emerald, Aqua, or simply Teal. It’s all the colours of the ocean mixing beautifully in a comforting, pastel-adjacent shade that is both soft and complex. Read full article here.

Meraki Green from Mainzu

4) Baby Metro

There may be a better name for this tile format but their adorable size immediately screamed ‘baby’ to me. Like a regular metro but mini, these tiles cropped up everywhere, delighting me each and every time. Read full article here.

Mohair from Tonalite

5) Wallpaper

Large decors that act as wallpaper have been around for a while, but there were still plenty of wallpaper-effect tiles around at Cevisama. Florals, patterns, and groovy shapes could be seen all over. Some added texture, some kept it flat, but their wallpapery-ness was hard to ignore. Read full article here.

Frida from Mariner

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