A rainforest and a few wildflower meadows

In collaboration with Ca’Pietra, London-based homeware designer Clarissa Hulse has created a number of delightful tile designs.

Taking notes from nature and making motifs from the shapes and silhouettes of wildflowers, leaves, and jungle foliage, Hulse’s collections are dainty, delicate, and charmingly colourful.

Wild Botanical features cleavers, Queen Anne’s Lace, ivy, and a whole lot more in light shades of Pink, deep Blue, and sagey Green whilst Willow features simple willow leaves in Blue, Teal, and Sage.

Jungle creates a rich, deep blue patchwork of hexagons that each feature all forms of tropical foliage inspired by the cloud forests of Costa Rica. The variation across the tile faces is designed to mimic nature’s organic organisation to create a random pattern for each installation.

Clarissa Hulse

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2023.

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