Charming Charcoal

Black, scratched charcoal graphics form the fabulous decors of Ceramica Fioranese‘s Riggiole collection.

Designed with a hand-crafted look, the patterns feature irregularities and imperfections in their shade and shape, adding an organic feel to interiors and a touch of the old world. The decorative motifs have been created with both repeat patterns and patchwork mixing in mind, and offering up a dual sense of tradition and modernity.

Riggiole’s signature larger format (900 by 900mm) is wonderfully dramatic, creating striking displays and unique features. These statement pieces are complemented by two smaller squares (300 by 300mm and 200 by 200mm) making the collection highly versatile and suitable for a range of applications from large open-plan kitchens to small utility rooms.

Ceramica Fioranese

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