Five tile trends that have aided the 70s revival

The 70s are everywhere – in fashion, homes, shops, and trend reports. We’re bringing back flares, conversation pits, pampas grass, and mullets, and the tile world is following suit. Here are the five trends that have driven the 70s revival in the ceramics sphere.

1) Terracotta

The colour, the texture, the finish, despite its timelessness and worldly charm terracotta has a rich 70s soul. Its resurgence into mainstream, trendy design in 2019 brought with it a wave of nostalgia, slowly encouraging a step towards the 70s with its comforting familiarity and warm earthy tones.

2) Texture

In 2018 textured tiles were becoming the norm, with the ‘movement trend‘ representing the countless wave and ripple effects. By 2019 3D reliefs were a major trend with various tactile designs encouraging the creativity and playfulness found in funky 70s style, and opening the doors to a groovy world of details.

3) Terrazzo

Another timeless classic, terrazzo ebbs and sways between being voguish and dated, mostly depending on whether you love it or hate it. But getting creative with colour, chip sizes, and terrazzo imitations and variations has found this divisive surface a few more fans in recent years. As one of the 70s biggest trending surfaces, this terrazzo resurgence has definitely played a part in the 70s revival.

4) Expressive design

Wallpaper effects and bold digitally printed patterns coming from all corners of the tile world have served as inspiration for many to have fun with their interiors. Embracing maximalism, vivid colouring, and homes full of personality, expressive design is a step in the retro direction.

5) Retro motifs

An obvious link to the 70s, we saw a big surge of funky florals and groovy curves in 2019 and that surge is still going strong today. These retro motifs are a capstone on the 70s revival of the 2020s.

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