Royce Wood Studio

Located in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside neighbouring the rolling hills of the Peak District and in the hamlet of Toadhole Furnace, the Wheelhouse of Amber Mill is home to the studio and showroom of the glaze extraordinaires of Royce Wood Studio.

Since 1997 Peter Wood and his team have been wholly focused on ceramic tile and glaze production, creating a large number of unique reactive glazes containing varying levels of oxides and stains.

Both their Impression and Classic Glazes display intense colour from electric orange to aquamarine with lava effects, crackles, spots, bubbles, and watercolour looks each developing unique personalities, details, and drama. Colours contrasted against one another, metallic effects, and unusual hand-painted patterns, shapes, and designs make up some of their more striking tiles.

The workshop is also open to visitors keen to see the glazing in action.

Royce Wood Studio

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