Faces of the world

A little street art surprise today with the fabulous, multifaceted sculptural installations by Tegmo. Like fellow French artist Shatters, splintered mirrors are Tegmo’s medium of choice, encouraging the inclusion of surrounding locales within each piece.

These fractured, angular shards of mirror are attached and structured in unusual three dimensional forms, creating reflective mountains that stand alone, are decorated with plants, or spread their shiny surfaces across independent splinters.

As vigilante street art goes, Tegmo’s creations stand alone in their unique beauty. Adding a touch of care to public walls, reflecting glimpses of buildings, street signs, and textures, each stunning installation emphasises what’s there, whether it’s light, vegetation, or existing artworks, offering an opportunity to ‘see the world in many facets.’


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2023.

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