Craggy Chamotte

Chamotte, otherwise known as grog or firesand, is the name given to crushed ceramics used to strengthen clay mixtures and create a rugged, gritty texture. And thats exactly what Chamotte gives us.

Designed by tile visionary Patricia Urquiola for Mutina, Chamotte places hand-made rustica front and centre with pits and ripples texturing the surface and catching the glossy glaze in irregular patterns.

Three variants add an extra dynamic dimension, with Mono forming the plain, colourful marked designs, Linea including ridged stripes, and Quadra breaking up the linear bands with a staggered detail.

Complementing the rustic texture are the six colours of Chamotte – Bianco, Nero, Blu, Terra, Verde, and Ocra – each offering a distinct attitude to be mixed and matched across elements.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2023.

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