Fading in time

The striking portraits of Clément Mitéran showcase the unique ability of mosaic to abstract the familiar and add layers to expression.

His series of faces and figures feature ghostly, haunted forms, disappearing, faded, and obscured by stones, fragments, or omission, bringing to life his chosen emphasis on “consecration, damnation, anonymity, [and] iconophilia/iconoclasty.”

Mitéran varies his methods from tesserae manipulation to photograph prints, honing his photography skills as well as his mosaic mastery. To transfer the photographs onto the mosaic, a printing process that utilises pure silver is used allowing each tessera to absorb the image. Although effective, the images have been known to fade over time, adding to the ominous vibe.

“He has exhibited in France, Italy and Japan in various galleries, institutions and museums, including the National Museum of Ravenna (Italy) which dedicated a personal exhibition to him in 2017.”

Clément Mitéran

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