Five perfectly pastel tiles

Searching for picture perfect pastel tiles? Right this way.

1) Confetti

Designed by Oh Joy! for ClΓ© Tiles, Confetti combines the soft tones of mocha, crema, ice, stone, powder, and white for a delicate polka dot display of pastels.

2) New Town

Baby blues and pastel pinks decorate the textured curves and ridges of New Town by Adam Nathanial Furman for Botteganove.

3) Lozenge and Undulate

Delightful shades of lilac, peach, and tangerine offer an alternative palette of pastels in Lozenge and Undulate from Alhambra Tiles.

4) Pio Pio Twine and Tulipe Limestone from Clay Imports

An adorable duo from the Patisserie range by Ayse Iyriboz for Clay Imports, Pio Pio Twine and Tulipe Limestone present angelic pastels with a subtle earthy undertone on two retro style motifs.

5) Sunset Stripes

One of four fabulous designs by Otto Tiles & Designs, Sunset Stripes pairs powder blue and baby pink in an abstract horizon designed to be mixed and matched in a patchwork or arranged in a variety of layouts for maximum pastel impact.

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