Musical Mural

A sequence of symphonic sketches stand proud behind the banquette of the Cozinha das Flores in Porto, Portugal.

The interior, designed by Space Copenhagen, mixes the moody elegance of natural stone with rich and retro earth tones for an eatery that offers varying visuals throughout. Whether you’re looking over at the dark grey quartzite that decorates the wall and worktop of the bar, enjoying the smooth, cosy chocolate browns of the wooden tables and chairs, or following the patterned pavers that form the rustic floor, at some time throughout your meal your eye will be guided to the restaurant’s most marvellous views – the tiled mural.

Conceived by Portuguese artist and architect Álvaro Siza, the mural features six panels of sketched musicians scribbled in sweeping black lines across the warm orange tiles. Framed against a limey-olive green, this colour combination and the artistic finesse create a focal point full of soul.

The tiles themselves were created by the Portuguese tile wizards at Viúva Lamego where artisans used a traditional technique to hand-paint the images dot by dot. Striking in its simplicity and allure, the result is undeniably well worth the effort.

Viúva Lamego
Space Copenhagen
Álvaro Siza
Cozinha das Flores

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Photography by Luís Moreira and Matilde Cunha.

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