We’ve shared art made from keyboards, rubik’s cubes, wood, mirrors, and tiles tattooed onto skin, and today we’re adding another material to the list – lego.

French artist Paulina Aubey spent the first part of her artistic career working with pastels but in 2016 she found a new muse. Incorporating lego bricks into works, Aubey creates striking motifs mixing textures and tones, and makes use of different lego pieces to add depth and detail.

Inspiration is drawn from popular culture with famous actors and iconic images featuring and formed with elements of Pop Art, Postmodernism, and futuristic themes all tied up neatly in the ancient art of mosaic.

Aubey’s LegoPop mosaics have been exhibited in France in Versailles, OrlΓ©ans, Nantes, Bordeaux and Paris, across the Atlantic in Chicago (USA) and across the Channel in Bristol (UK). Her work is also part of the contemporary art catalog PoetsArtists.

Paulina Aubey

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