Five tile trends that bring the outside in

Everybody is looking to add a little nature to their homes; to bring a little of the outside in. Potted plants, tropical wallpapers, green paint, and rattan furniture have all been trending but if you want to add a touch of the organic in a more permanent way, here are five tile trends that’ll help.

1) Marble

Classic, elegant, and completely timeless, marble offers fresh stony vibes that works with all manner of interior styles, materials, and colour schemes. With heavy, dramatic veins currently in vogue, as well as marble worktops, and simple whites, this trend is an easy way to bring a little of the outside in without going overboard.

2) Texture

Handmade, rustic, and manufactured imperfections add to an organic ambience without being too on the nose with the nature vibes. Wavy textures, pits, areas of wear, and weathered effects soften a space, adding interest without too much drama.

3) Autumn Leaves

Alongside the trends for wallpaper effect tiles and florals came a richer, earthier love for autumnal design. Specifically focusing on leaves in shades of chocolate, coffee, and cream, autumn leaf tiles are a muted take on natural motifs, creating intriguing decor in a warm palette.

4) Wood Effect

Grained, knotted, laid like planks or parquet, a good wood-look tile offers up all the beauty of natural wood without the up-keep. They can also help create unique, impossible designs that appear to mix wood with marble, terrazzo, and many other materials for one-of-a-kind interiors.

5) Terracotta

A favourite across the globe, the rich earthy tones of terracotta and the soft surface finish makes any house feel like a home. Offering incredible contrast against vibrant greens and pairing warmly with wood and light stone, terracotta brings the outside in in the most marvellous of ways.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2023.

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