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We’re just entering the chilly months here in the UK but when it comes to the tile world, things are set for Spring. Sitting atop the wallpaper style tiles that have been big for the last few years, delicate, dainty florals in sickly sweet pastels were everywhere at Cersaie.

Fitting in nicely with the Y2K colours I spotted throughout the show, these feminine flower patterns differed in style, finish and relief, but all had one thing in common – they all seemed fresh from spring.

Keope‘s Botanical Decors Watercolour, Moda & Musis‘ Cherry Blossom, and Dado Ceramica‘s Decors Flower Beige each took an artistic approach to the florals, embracing earthier tones and abstracted petals to bring both solace and intrigue to the trend.

Another of Keope‘s designs Botanical Decors Springtime and Mariner‘s Pantone 2.0 Spring both have the trend in their name. Each leaning on a soft colour palette they add fun and freshness to their florals with Keope making the most of line and illustration and Mariner utilising texture and relief.

Novabell‘s Spring White and Panaria‘s Glam Bouquet both decorate a neutral off-white background with pockets of florals in delightful shades of blue, pink, purple and orange, softening shapes with watercolour effects in distinct ways.

Durstone‘s Boston Bloom and Keraben‘s Botanical Decor Natural are two sparsely speckled wallpaper looks with faint florals. Visually textured bases with concrete/stone effect add depth to the designs and a touch of the organic.

Savoia‘s Romantic and Impronta‘s Decora Bouquet both opt for a blue-toned palette with touches of yellow. Both have a traditional look about them with Savoia looking fresh from the 50s and Impronta a shade earlier.

Newker had an entirely different take on Springtime with their Space Decors in Black and White creating a look that blended pressed flowers with intergalactic travel where a speckled surface, fading foliage and bold blooms work together in an unusual combination.

Amongst all these fabulous flowers and Y2K designs came a load of lilac, a surprising colour for tiling, but one that was definitely around in Cersaie, and here are a few extra I found that I didn’t fit into Wednesday’s post.

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