Trending: The 90s and Y2K

Bold, playful, and a little dark and moody, 90s colours carry an air of nostalgia for both the lighthearted world of sitcoms like the Fresh Prince, Friends, and Home Improvement, as well as the casual angst of grunge. At Cersaie, these 90s styles combined with the cutesy, light pastels of the early 2000s collaborated to bring back the soul of the early internet age.

Colourful graphic patterns, stripes, and tech-style motifs (think motherboards and monochrome monitors) in dark red, forest green, teal, navy, and deep purple make up lots of what I consider 90s inspired. As for the Y2K influence, baby pink, pastel purples and blues as well as bright trios of yellow, orange, red, purple, and yellow all brought a certain vibe.

Ceramica Bardelli‘s Play collection took 90s style even further, creating relief decors out of the symbols on Playstation controllers in four moody 90s shades and four neutrals.

Bardelli‘s Caleido range turned to the tail end of the 80s that bled into the 90s with vibrant colours and geometric shapes.

Sanchis Home‘s Colourful Mix also had a nostalgic punch with its colour choices and patchwork stripe pattern whilst Gayafores took the 2020s love for tropical decors and mixed it with the earthier shades of 90s style.

Other 90s retro style tiles found throughout the show include Armonie‘s Glam Art Rainbow, Dom Design Lab‘s Module, Monocibec‘s Chemisty Appeal Warm, and Quintessenza‘s Minimal 8.6.

Alongside all these 90s delights come the dreamy shades of Y2K. From Monopole‘s Miracle collection and Mariner‘s Pantone 2.0 in Indaco, Cipria, and Panna to El Barco‘s Music and countless floral wallpaper looks, pretty pastels popped up everywhere.

Trios of more pigmented Y2K colours also featured throughout the show, such as in Armonie‘s Brush range, Imola‘s Retina collection, Moda & Musis‘ Sense collection, and Tonalite‘s Colorstone tiles.

As for Y2K patterns and motifs, the florals that spread into the next trend (Springtime) are what stood out the most, with designs from Moda & Musis, Armonie, and Savoia especially nailing the look.

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