Everyone’s got 2020 vision

The most unmistakeable theme of this year’s Cevisama was a play on the new decade. Celebrating the roaring 20s in a stylish fashion seemed to be the priority, looking back a hundred years for inspiration. One of the most dominant and memorable aspects of 1920s design was Art Deco. Since the 2013 remake of The Great Gastby the 20s have been back in style, gaining … Continue reading Everyone’s got 2020 vision

Flow in the new Vigo colour by Eliane's Decortiles.

Figo Fashions

It is significant that Eliane’s Decortiles, a leading Brazilian tile manufacturer, has selected Figo as its impact tone. Figo is a blend of romantic and nostalgic rose, with crude and dramatic black. The colour permeates the brand’s new collections for 2017, bringing versatility and elegance with a hint of a warmth. Figo is the perfect complement to the greys and blacks that feature in so many contemporary projects. Continue reading Figo Fashions

Metallic Chic

Capturing the vogue for metallic effects in 2007. Steelwork by Ceramica Fioranese is a range that transforms ceramics into a shiny, vibrant material, sparkling with the glimmer of metal and its infinite warm and cold tones. The range interprets the colour and look of steel, silver and bronze, and even has traces of pure gold. This through-bodied porcelain range comes in bronzo, argento, acciaio, oro … Continue reading Metallic Chic