Everyone’s got 2020 vision

The most unmistakeable theme of this year’s Cevisama was a play on the new decade. Celebrating the roaring 20s in a stylish fashion seemed to be the priority, looking back a hundred years for inspiration. One of the most dominant and memorable aspects of 1920s design was Art Deco. Since the 2013 remake of The Great Gastby the 20s have been back in style, gaining more momentum as the years went on and now, finally, the excuse to look back on an iconic time cemented in our minds has arrived.

Mainzu art deco tile designs 2020
Astoria by Mainzu

The sleek lines and luxury of Art Deco were given moment after moment at stand after stand and those that didn’t incorporate the gold, marble, or geometrics into their designs still set the stage with appropriate furniture and interior decor. Natural stones and marbles were frequently combined with gold detailing in geometric shapes that cannot help but remind us of the 20s.

Arklam's Jurassic Gold art deco tile 2020
Arklam’s Jurassic Gold
Cifre art deco design

Arklam‘s Jurassic Gold Polished Decor sets the gold detail against dark and moody natural stone and a high-gloss finish to further exaggerate the air of luxury. The dark marble with gold look was also found at Dune who embellished their designs with triangles, mixed materials, metal inserts, and relief. Cifre had a similar approach with gold decors used alongside a brilliantly white natural stone-look.

Dune stone and marble look art deco 2020
Dune gold and stone design

Like Dune, other companies incorporated metal inserts into the grout lines for a similarly luxurious effect. Gayafores, Pavigres, Azteca, and Keraben each demonstrated the various ways this detail could be incorporated, from simple randomly placed lines, to fully incorporated metal mosaic elements.

Museum followed a similar marble-theme, bringing together light and dark shades in diagonal stripes to create an elegant and striking design. For Rocersa marble still proved important, but was instead used alongside softer colours and curves for their Ombra collection. Arcana Ceramica showcased another awesome wood-look, this time incorporating the geometric shapes of the Art Deco style.

Arcana Art Deco fan design

Mainzu was probably the most impressive of all the Art Deco collections. Their designs have been given iconic names, including Charlestone (after the popular 1920s dance), Duke (after 20s Jazz legend Duke Ellington), Astoria (after the Waldorf-Astoria hotels, destroyed in the late 20s to make way for the Empire State Building), and of course, Gatsby. Each have the classic Art Deco look in clean black and white. They are undeniably gorgeous designs and some of the show’s standout pieces.

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