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Five curious creations from reclaimed materials

As well as adoring tiles every day of the week, we also have a soft spot for curious creations, and surprising waste materials. We’ve selected five of our favourites that use a variety of recycled products from tea to copper to produce highly stylish household items for the fashion concious. 2. Homeware by Dust London One of the more unusual materials for a company to … Continue reading Five curious creations from reclaimed materials

Curly Marble

A curly marble creation from designer Tom Dixon is a material with a twist. This material is designed to look like marbled paper but functions as a something significantly more robust. Recycled marble powder mixed with resin and pigment creates the unique look and forms a material that can be cut and shaped to create a range of interior items. Starting with a variety of … Continue reading Curly Marble

Awesome Araldica

From CEDIT by Florim comes a truly magical collection. The brains behind these bold and beautiful pieces is artist and graphic designer Federico Pepe. Here he took inspiration from marbled paper, a technique that results in a paper surface with an uncanny resemblance to natural stone and marble, yet with the creative freedom afforded by a multitude of colour pigments. This effect is most commonly … Continue reading Awesome Araldica