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Five curious creations from reclaimed materials

As well as adoring tiles every day of the week, we also have a soft spot for curious creations, and surprising waste materials. We’ve selected five of our favourites that use a variety of recycled products from tea to copper to produce highly stylish household items for the fashion concious.

  1. 1. Swirl by Tom Dixon

    Designed to look like marbled paper, these swirling, curling surfaces are made from reycled marble power. Combined with resin and pigment, a large range of colourful and unique patterns emerge and are formed into various household items such as candlesticks, tables, and bookends.

2. Homeware by Dust London

One of the more unusual materials for a company to use, Dust London transforms tea into a range of sustainable angular homeware items. Colour and tone is achieved depending on the tea used, with each separated into its appropriate category, dried, blended, and mixed with a non-toxic binder.

3. This is Copper by Studio ThusThat

A range of strange, organic looking furniture items including lamps, chairs, and mirrors come from Studio ThusThat. Making use of copper slag from copper recycling company Metallo, the waste product is extracted and poured out in its molten form to be utilised as an alternative to cement, creating these hugely industrial looking, unique items.

This is copper metallo light
This is copper metallo chair

4. Exploring Eden by Nature Squared and Bethan Gray

The incredibly stunning range Exploring Eden created in a collaboration between Nature Squared and designer Bethan Gray, luxurious homeware items are made from discarded shell waste from the seafood industry. The colours, shapes, effects, and patterns are all achieved from some of nature’s finest work whether it’s the pale pink tones of scallop shells, the elegance of capiz shells, or the ethereal beauty of abalone shells.

5. Homeware and furniture by Marble Partners

Mostly utilising offcuts of marble from manufacturers, Marble Partners creates stunning patchwork tables and stylishly unique candlesticks. The company also makes use of their artistic talents creating sculptures and other distinctive pieces.

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